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Ensuring the Jewish Future...
Theirs. And Ours.

Our mission at USF Hillel is to enrich the lives of the more than 2,000 Jewish undergraduate and graduate students at the University of South Florida. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and depend upon the generosity of parents, alumni and community members to ensure that we fulfill our mission. We are not asking you to make a gift. We're asking you to make an investment. If you care about the future of the Jewish people, especially in the Tampa Bay area and Florida, then we ask you to invest in USF Hillel. Please take a few moments to browse the giving opportunities on this page that will help us provide the best services for our students. Thank you for investing in the Jewish Future... Theirs. And Ours.

Thank you for supporting USF Hillel and Go Bulls!

Giving Opportunities


Sunday Morning Bagel Brunch

There's nothing better on a Sunday morning for a college student than a bagel and schmear. For just $100, you can sponsor a bagel brunch at Hillel for 40 students.  A Bagel Brunch builds the Jewish community on campus and is delicious at the same time.

Bagel Brunch dont laugh.jpg
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Name an Ice Cream Flavor

Others have 31, but we want 36...flavors that is. Help us reach our 36-Flavors goal! Create your own custom flavor and give it a name! You can name your flavor in honor of a birthday, anniversary, other special occasion, or just because you love ice cream! Your creation will be a featured Flavor of the Month at four (4) weekly USF Hillel Ice Cream Parlors and you will receive two (2) complimentary quarts of your ice cream!

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Shabbat Friends

Sponsor a Shabbat dinner at USF Hillel.  Join our students and experience what Shabbat is like at Hillel. You will be supporting an essential program at Hillel and you'll also have a great time with our students.

USF Hillel Pride Shabbat.jpg
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Send a Student to a National Conference

USF Hillel sends students to national conferences such as the AIPAC Policy Conference, the JNF National Convention, Stand With Us, CAMERA and more.  For $750, you can send one student to a conference and help us to train the next generation of Jewish leaders.

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Passover Seder

If they can't be at home, then the next best place for Jewish students to be on Passover is at Hillel.  An investment of $1,500 will make it possible for Hillel to provide a Kosher for Passover Seder for more than 100 students.

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Any amount

General Support

There are a lot of other needs at Hillel, so please don't think you can only support us by sponsoring specific programs. A general contribution, whether it's $18, $36, $72, or any amount you prefer, always helps us to better serve our students.  Regardless of the amount of your gift, all of us at USF Hillel sincerely appreciate your support.

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Hillel Hub

Not every contribution has to be monetary. If you have tickets to sporting events, concerts or live theater shows that you're not going to use, then please consider donating them to Hillel.

These types of contributions are great incentives and prizes to get and keep our USF Hillel students involved.

 To donate your tickets, email us or call us at 813-899-2788. ​

Hillel Hub.jpg
Straz Center.jpg

Planned Giving
Life and Legacy

Making a planned gift is a wonderful way to show your support and appreciation for USF Hillel and its mission of enriching the lives of Jewish students while accommodating your own personal, financial, estate-planning, and philanthropic goals.


With smart planning, you may actually increase the size of your estate and/or reduce the tax burden on your heirs.


Just as important, you will know that you have made a meaningful contribution to USF Hillel.


Contact Leslie Zimmer, Suncoast Hillels Director of Operations, today to help secure the campus Jewish community of tomorrow. 



Matzah Ball Soup Hotline

We know it can be hard for students to be away from home, especially when they're under the weather. 

For a donation of $36, your student will receive a bowl of delicious homemade Matzah Ball Soup, along with a USF Hillel soup mug, tissues, cough drops, tea and honey, delivered to their on-campus dormitory by our caring USF Hillel staff. (Matzah Ball Soup care packages are typically delivered to the student within 24 business hours. Response time may be a bit longer when USF Hillel is closed for Jewish holidays.)

Jewish penicillin is just a click away!

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Once you have finished donating, please fill out the student form so that we can deliver your gift to your student!

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