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Hillel Means....
Jacob F.JPEG

Jacob F.
Class of 2025

“A place where everyone in our community feels welcome.”


Lexi L. 
Class of 2024

"A community where we have so much fun!" 

"USF Hillel is a place where everyone feels welcome in this space and community. I am so proud to be part of this amazing organization."

Sarah G.JPEG

Sarah G.

Class of 2024

"Home away from home."

"I love USF Hillel and the community we have built together. We have a great time at Hillel and I cannot wait for all the fun times yet to come that we will have together!"

Caitlin LC.JPEG

Caitlin L.C.

Class of 2023


"A sense of home, familiarity and community."

"I absolutely love being a part of the USF Hillel family. I want to help other students find their home away from home at USF Hillel. Come join us!"

"I want to give other students at USF the feeling that USF Hillel has given me: a sense of home, familiarity and the safety to bloom within their community."

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